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Charlie & Lizzy: Minotaur Maze

Find that horned pervert and kick his ass!
Comming Soon Charlie & Lizzy: Minotaur Maze

“Charlie & Lizzy: Minotaur Maze” game is a single player comic platform arcade game which scene is set in the strange and weird Maze of the Minotaur. Central character, Charlie, is a teenage Rastafarian who has come from the US to Holland with his sexy girlfriend Lizzy to have a good hang out. Before going to another party, they decided to call in on a coffee-shop to “get the right mood”.

At the same time, somewhere in the depths of parallel worlds, at the lowest level of his Maze, in the burst of passion Minotaur damages his beloved vinyl sex doll. She softens up and deflates right in his hands as the air breaks out of her body. Minotaur is driven into despair, inconsolable, he calls upon nature’s forces and asks to transport him in the space, as it has been done many years ago, to find some “healing potion” to save his beloved.

Having made themselves comfortable at the table, our friends from the US have already smoked sufficient amount of pot and even more, so now, leaned back on cozy sofas, they are in bliss and enjoy this condition.

Meanwhile, Minotaur manages to “break through” the time and space and appears in the place where some time ago he has stolen his beloved doll. But, to his horror, he sees that everything has changed – instead of those simple things he has seen there last time - tables with visitors are placed all around the coffee-shop. But he has to hurry – magic loses it power, so he desperately grabs the nearest girl and gets back to his Maze.

At this moment Charlie is still plunged into his apparition. He sees a wonderful ancient world where he is surrounded by beautiful nymphs, who are ready to fulfill any wish. But some rough, very low sound and crackle make him open up his eyes and he sees some beast dragging away Lizzie to fathomless dark blue emptiness. Without hesitation Charlie throws himself into this chasm, just having stopped to snatch up his backpack with things.

  • Product Catagory Action / Arcade
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