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The dream of flying!

In the distant land of Japan, in the place where the sun rises, a small town has spread out not far from the sacred Mount Fuji. If you go to the outskirts of the town, turn right and walk the bridge across the river, you will see a small plot surrounded by a high fence. If you are lucky, you can find a small hole in the fence, look into it and see...a garden, a lovely garden with a little pond full of splashing golden carp in it, a bamboo gardener’s lodge, blooming sakura, mature red apples, bright yellow pears, seedbeds with growing carrots and potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers and all around is bright green grass and flowers with tea rose bushes growing along the fence.

But not only plants live in this garden. There also lives a small caterpillar named Tagimoto who has the cherished dream to see the world behind the fence. But for that she has to turn into a butterfly, and to become a butterfly she has to eat a lot. So this is what she does most of the time

But everything is not that simple. A very angry gardener Mikausi looks after the garden. He often goes out of his lodge with a big stick. If Tagimoto doesn’t hide before Mikausi sees her, the dream will never come true

But if only gardener was the problem! Hoopoe Sekko lives in the garden too and if Tagimoto doesn’t have time to see him flying and hide, Sekko will peck poor Tagimoto.

Tagimoto could hide under ground and have some crunchy carrot and sweet potato, but again a danger is waiting here – mole Yezuramu wouldn’t mind to have Tagimoto for dinner!

She can try to hide in the pond – it is so nice to enjoy cool water on a hot day – alas, carp Matsutaru is always ready to spring out of the algae and swallow Tagimoto.

Shortly, Tagimoto has a hard life, but she doesn’t give up and keeps on eating day and night. And then, finally, on one fine day, when she has hoarded the necessary amount of energy, she climbs up the tree and wraps up in thread, turns into a chrysalis from which a beautiful butterfly hatches out and flies up over the trees. Fly Tagimoto, fly, your dream has come true!

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