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Revenge of Roger Rouge

Extraordinary adventures on high waves in chase for fearsome enemy.
Revenge of Roger Rouge

...In one of the Vera Cruz taverns, a pirate, by the name of Roger Rouge, was finishing his cup of grog purchased on his last piece of money. Things were not moving …and were not moving for too long. It looked like the curse of that whore had an effect upon his life. Bless the mark, he just hasn’t paid her for the last endearments, well, maybe a few times, no big deal! (actually, he hasn’t been paying her during 2 long weeks). Indeed, it was not a reason for cursing him…

“Will these two drunken Spaniards ever shut up?!” – he thought. Two Spanish sailors were sitting at the table standing next to Roger’s and nearly screamed into his ear. An idea of waylaying and cleaning out their pockets has come to his mind. One of the screaming seamen proclaimed that he wouldn’t go with that caravan even if he would have been promised the gold from all holds. The reason for that was his dream saying that no person would achieve even Jamaican coast alive.

“Gold!….A lot of gold! What a fortune! There is no way I could hear this talk accidently. The fortune is favorably disposed to me!”

Having overheard the conversation of two seamen about the Spanish caravan, which was full of gold, and its forthcoming departure for Spain, Roger Rouge went out in the search of the most dangerous pirate of those waters, Captain Morgan. After a brief, but perilous journey, Roger has managed to find him. In exchange for the information about the caravan with gold, Roger Rouge asked for the half of the future booty. There was no doubt – the victory was theirs. Incredibly dangerous ships, which could easily resist to fleets of states, not even speaking about some tiny caravans, were at the disposal of Captain Morgan. Fate of gold was predetermined! After the fierce fight, Spanish ships were captured and the gold has passed into the hands of victors.

But luster of precious metal has eclipsed Morgan’s mind and, thinking that it would be too much for one person, he decided not to give out Roger his share, but instead - throw him overboard. Luckily, Roger has managed to survive and reach a small island where he has spent some time hurting for water and food. And when the hope abandoned Roger and thought of the coming death seized him, a pirate ship cast its anchor at the coast of the island. After Roger has told his story to the pirates, they offered him their help and set out in the search of gold, Morgan and revenge.

Key features:

Dynamic gameplay – shoot’em, loot’em and don’t forget to keep maneuvering!

Simple control – just move and fire, no complicated combinations and menus.

Storyline - Vivid storyline with unexpected twists and turns.

Lots of various enemies - you will encounter very different enemies, from whaleboats to turtle ships, from tiny junks to most massive sailing warships ever built.

Bosses - Three completely different “bosses” present intense challenges.

Twelve wonderful seas in three regions – from the azure Caribbean waves to harsh northern waters, from the Asian thunderstorms to deceptive calm of the Sargasso Sea.

  • Product Catagory Action / Arcade
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